Slimy Crud Run

Slimy Crud Run

Congratulations Steve!!

Steve 'Rollin' Roland completes the Iron Butt 48 Plus

The end of a long, long road. On June 24th Steve set out from Sisseton, SD and rode his Victory motorcycle through each of the 48 contiguous states before ending his epic ride in Hyder, AK just nine days later....and just in time to lead the town's 4th of July parade! He racked up 8,818 miles in 9 days and 17 hours. By doing so, he becomes one of the rare few to have completed the Iron Butt Association 48 Plus! ride. Adding in the 550 miles he rode from his home in WI to get to his starting point and the return trip to get back home from Alaska, his grand total for the entire adventure comes in at 11,907 miles in 16 days

Thanks to Steve for sharing his adventure with us here at

You can read about Steve's legendary feat and view some of his photos from the trip in our forums.

Meet the new boss...same as the old boss.

Isle of Man TT 2010 I know I'm not alone in my appreciation for all Eric did to start this site and keep it running for so long. It's been a great resource for motorcyclists stuck in this oft forgotten part of the country, and it's been a great place to share stories, projects, and life experiences. The final pieces are in place for the transfer of the site to my keeping, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm just keeping the seat warm in case Eric ever decides to join us again.

In that vein, many have expressed an interest in helping keep the site going. Since Eric has already done most of the work, the only challenge we really face is keeping the lights on by covering the bill for hosting. I've added a donation button on this page that should make it easy for folks to contribute however much they feel comfortable with. If and when we get enough to cover all the costs for the foreseeable future, I'll disable the buttons until it's time to pass the hat again.

With that, let's all get back to our places in the starting grid and let the bench races resume.

Slimey Crud Run

Slimy Crud The Infamous Slimey Crud run is the most popular Wiscosin Ride. More information can be found at the unofficial site. There is already a thread started in the message board. Join in, and meet up with us for one of the best motorcycle gatherings in the midwest. Check out my map here.


Rockton Bar & Grill

Everyone who has spent time riding through Wildcat State Park, Highway 131 and County P in Vernon County is familiar with the Rockton Bar & Grill. Some very good Chicken-Q, and the burgers arent bad either, although a bit small. If you are taking a group though the area and are looking to feed them, this is the place to go. they can handle quite a few people. But you gotta call ahead or you wont get the Chicken-Q(608) 625-4395. Otherwise there is a menu available inside. Cheap prices..