County P The Cut
County A County J, G, F
County E, W, S, F, U, H P,PP,I
County K, O, B & Hwy 162 C, I, P, Q, M, 130
Alligator P M, T, G
Wildcat County U, T, F FF, G, V, D, H, C, V
Slimey Crud Run County N,D, SS, J
County E  
County C  
Here's a map of the most excellent County U and a route I take over the Baraboo bluffs. Courtesy of toecutter

Southwest Wisconsin

    Southwest Wisconsin is home to some of the best motorcycling roads in the midwest. Mix up the right combination of alphabet roads and you have an experience that will continue to bring you back here. For those of us that live in the north, this is the closest thing we will get to the likes of the Tail of the Dragon. Obviously it is closer, often less busy with morons and police officers, which in my opinion makes it way better than anything the south can offer.
    This section will have many more roads listed in it than the others. I can't really help that. I have searched throughout the state for better roads and have never found them. Northeastern Wisconsin is possbily the only area of the state that can compare to the southwest. However northern regions of the state are also filled with tourists spending their vacations in the woods. Not to say thats a bad thing, we just don't have to deal with much of that in the southwest. If you have visited this site before you will notice that Im no longer building the maps by hand. that process took way to long, and when I discovered that google had this new option of creating your own maps, I decided to try it out. Ill update as I can, enjoy the maps.
These maps are meant for private use only. Reproduction by printing from your computer for personal use, and photocopying is perfectly fine and desired. However reproduction in any print publication or use on a website other than my own is prohibited. Link to me instead and save yourself an ass beating. =:) I am not responsible for this information being accurate nor am I responsible for something happening because you thought it was accurate. I don't control the weather or the road conditions, either one can change a roads ridability quickly. I am also not responsible for you getting a ticket or any other bunk that someone may feel like suing for. Figured I better say it before someone takes me to court for something.